Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Yes, that is right we now have 26 trees in our back yard, There were 19 tall pine trees and we have added 7 more to that, 1 Live Oak, 1 Sycamore, 2 Pecan, and 3 Red Maples. Our back yard looks like a forest, which would be fine except for the reason that we bought a house with a big back yard was so that the kids would have room to run and play. They still have room to run as long as they dodge trees while they run. It looks nice and will look even better in about 10-15 years when the trees have grown. I look forward to the Spring when the trees start to get their leaves. Anyway, pleases feel free to come to our back yard park. We even have a swing set!!


Red Maple Sycamore and Live Oak

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