Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Tonight at dinner Nathan pulled a leafy green from his salad and asked "what is this??" I told him, 'That is Rocket, well that is what they cal it in Europe." What made my mind wander back to a February Day in Durham England when my cousin Kirstin was visiting us and helping us wait for the arrival of Kayla Rose. Kirstin and I took a trip up to Durham where we spent the day at the cathedral and walking the streets of the town. We would have visited the castle but it was closed for renovations, which was common every time I visited Durham. Anyway back to Rocket. Kirstin and I had stopped at a posh (fancy) pizza restaurant for lunch we search the menu for a pizza that sounded good and we were intrigued by a pizza that contained "rocket". We asked our waiter what rocket was and he said, looking at us as though we were the dumbest people on earth, "Rocket, is rocket." You have to say that in an Italian accent. Kirstin and I just looked at each other and laughed. The waiter, at a loss asked someone else how to explain what rocket was and unable to give us a very good description of rocket, we both decided to try it and we ordered the pizza with rocket. I am not sure what it is called here in America, but if you ever travel to Europe, this is rocket. It is a leafy green common in salads and some sandwiches and pizza as well. It has a peppery taste to it. If you are a fan of Jaime Oliver, he uses it a lot. I have given you some pictures of Kirstin and I in Durham, enjoy...

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