Thursday, November 13, 2008


That last post had me thinking about the time when Kirstin came to visit us in England. Kirstin and I are 1 year apart, I am the older and MUCH wiser of the two!! When we were in grade school we would write letters back and forth and I do believe that New kids on the Block, NKOTB, was all the craze, at least I know I was in love!! I do not remember what was written in those letters, but they formed the basis of a great relationship between two cousins that lived miles apart, her in Pennsylvania and I in Oklahoma. So when Kirstin told me that she was going to come to England for about a month to help out when we had baby #2, I was so excited!! Kirstin showed up in February, not the best time to come to England for vacation. It was cold and wet, but she was a trooper. We even had snow the last week she was there. While Kirstin was there I tried to take her as many places as possible, but with the baby due any day I did not want to travel to far from home. We made It to Durham, which I already told you about, to Richmond, to York, Newcastle and to Hartlepool, which is known for hanging a monkey because they thought it was a Frenchman (you do the research). There were walks in the town where we fed the ducks and were bitten by the geese and walks around the neighborhood. We went for hot chocolate, but unfortunately I was unaware where to go for real hot chocolate so we settled for the powdered kind, I know where to go now!! Kirst even took a day to herself and went to Hadrian's Wall~ It is a rock wall that goes across England from East to West, it use to separate England from Scotland. Kirstin was there watching CSI on a cold and snowy Tuesday evening when I was laying ion the sofa in labor. She was there to answer the call when my brother called the house to congratulate me on having a baby. Kirstin watch Nathan so that Paul and I could go on a date fro Valentine's Day, she made arts and crafts with Nathan and was an inspiration to be a more active mother in Nathan's life. It was a great time having Kirstin there and we are forever grateful and look forward to her taking another month off to just com and hang out with us!! We love you Kirst!! by the way fix your blog, I miss reading about you!!

in Richmond sitting on the castle wall

in Newcastle at York~ York minster(above) My birthday dinner prepared by Kirst
In Hartlepool, Nathan did NOT like the tour guide
Snow Angels
Baby K

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