Saturday, November 15, 2008


Last night I was up decorating the cake and in my blind ignorance a put a #3 on the cake. It was not until after the kitchen was cleaned up and everything was put away that Paul said, "How old is Emily?" "2", I said as if don't you know how old your own kid is?? He then asked "Why is there a 3 on the cake?" I then looked at the cake and pulled back out the frosting and corrected my error. I was thinking of the 3 balloons and thinking, "We can put three candles on the cake one in each balloon, which lead me to putting a 3 on the cake. The cake was fixed and if I was not so honest, no one would be the wiser!! (Plus it is a kind of a funny story.)

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  1. Looks yummy even if it was the wrong number! And your photos look so professional now... Love the photo of Emily with her baby. Catching up - we had rocket pizza when I went to see Dan in Italy in 1994. Fond memories. As far as I can figure, rocket, arugula, and rapunzel (a la the fairy tale) are about the same thing. Is there a difference?