Friday, November 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Emily!!

Emily's birthday started on Wednesday when she received a box from Gram and Pop with cupcakes and lollipops. The kids wanted to eat the lollipops, but I wanted them to eat the cupcakes, as I know I am able to refuse the temptation of a lollipop, but would eat ALL of the cupcakes within 5 minutes!! Thanks Gram and Pop!!!!
This was followed a package in the mail from her godparent's, the Caspers. The package contained a book about God and some stickers. Nathan and Kayla were very excited about the stickers and Emily enjoys hearing the story.
This morning Emily opened one of her presents, we were going to wait for daddy to get home this evening so that he could be here when she opened the others, however the kids had other ideas. This afternoon while I was on the phone with my brother, who had called so that the cousins, all 6 of them, could sing Emily a BEAUTIFUL rendition of Happy Birthday, they, and by they I mean Nathan, Kayla and Emily had open all but 2 of the presents. This was the conversation between Nathan and I when I asked him why he was opening the presents~
Me: "Why are you opening the presents?"
Nathan: "Emily told me I could."
Me: "Who should you have asked to open the presents me or Emily?"
Nathan: "You told me to ask Emily."
Now I will break in to say that I vaguely remember Nathan asking me something that had to do with Emily and I did tell him to ask Emily. I presumed this is what he was talking about. My final response to this was "Don't ask mommy questions when I am on the phone."
Emily's list of gifts is as follows~ Gram and Pop gave Emily a doll, book about the seasons, and baby doll clothes. Grandma Hellen gave Emily a Fisher Price pinball machine and some books. Paul and I gave her a bubble blowing lawn mower and some sidewalk paint. Grandpa Hellen gave Emily some money that Paul was too willing to put in his back pocket. Thank You to everyone for the great gifts and the phone calls for a Happy Birthday . We appreciate you and your thoughtfulness.
There was no birthday cake yesterday, but there was a cupcake, which was enjoyed by everyone. We are having birthday cake tomorrow night with our friends the Grundmeiers. I will put up one more post on Sunday, until then adios!!

We'll help you Emily.

Kayla, "It's a baby!!"
Paul made a picnic for the kids and they ate outside

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  1. That picture of Emily holding her baby, with the bottle in it's mouth, is just the sweetest thing ever.