Saturday, June 28, 2014

Manuel's River

Today we went to Manuel's River to walk along the river.  It started out a little overcast, but ended up being a blue sky with lots of sun.  The walking trails were well kept and it was easy walking for all of us.  Reagan even managed the 3ish miles of walking with only a few piggy back rides at the end.  There were a lot of spots to stop and let the kids throw rocks in the water and explore.  There was one spot that had been washed away and was perfect for the kids to climb up it.  It was a very steep slope, but they all managed (minus Reagan) and had fun getting dirty.  Trilobite fossil's  had been found here so Nathan was on a mission to try to find one, unfortunately, no luck!  There is a small museum that you can pay to walk through and a gift shop, but we just did the walk, which was plenty!!  The museum sits in the middle of the walking trails, and we took the trail downstream toward the ocean. 

In search of a trilobite

Looking at the ocean and river meeting

Having a snack on the beach

Throwing rocks

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