Friday, June 27, 2014


For about 1-2 weeks in June fish called Capelin will swim onto the shores to spawn and the locals collect them to eat.  We had heard that they were spawning now and we should go check it out, so we did.  Unfortunately they were not just laying all over the beach to be picked.  The tide was not high enough so the fish were not being brought in enough.  There was a man there that had a cast net and he was pulling them in and dumping them on the shores for anyone to pick some.  The kids had a good time picking at the fish and putting them in the bucket.  We were told to cook them you just leave them whole, no gutting or cleaning.  Just bread them and fry them, with the heads on.  You can also smoke them, salt them, or bake them to a consistency of a jerky.  We opted for the fried version but Paul did clean them and cut off their heads.  They were not bad, need more lemon, but for fish they were pretty good.  Paul, Nathan and I were the only ones that tried them and Nathan said they tasted a lot like trout, but a little more fishy. 
Sea Gull enjoying the fish


Our fisherman wearing shorts and in the water, COLD!!!

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