Sunday, June 1, 2014

Rotary Sunshine Park

The past 2 weekends we have gone to Rotary Sunshine Park for a hike and for fishing.  The first weekend we walked around one of the ponds and then walked over to the second pond to have a snack on the dock while the kids tried to catch these little fish called "pricklies", not sure what the real name is, but they are similar to a minnow in size and have spikes that will prick you if you are not careful.  The kids also dipped their toes in the water to cool off.  It was a nice outing.

The second weekend we brought the fishing gear and tried to catch some trout.  NO luck!!  Not even a nibble.  I take that back Nathan did catch one baby trout that fit in the palm of his hand, it was returned to the water to grow.  We finally walked over to the beach area and the kids enjoy catching pricklies and getting wet.  the water was cold, but the kids did not mind.  It was nice to just sit in the sun while the kids run wild and have fun.

Nathan did catch a baby trout

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