Saturday, June 14, 2014

Salmonier Nature Park

Salmonier Nature Park provides wildlife rehab, research and environmental monitoring.  They have a small museum with different animal furs, taxidermy, antlers, and other misc. information on native animals and the local environment.  The animals that they are not able to rehabilitate they keep at the park in enclosures.  While there we saw moose, bald eagles, snow owl, peregrine falcon, caribou, wild squirrels, and a brown bunny.  The kids had a good time walking around and trying to find the animals in the enclosures, some were more elusive than others. 

Snow Owl



Bald Eagles

moose, but we think it looks like a donkey with no antlers

Great Horned Owl

Wild squirrel

Snow Shoe hare

After the park we stopped in Holyrood at one of the rocky beaches to let the kids have a snack and just enjoy some sun.  It was a nice afternoon to be out and just enjoy the day.


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