Friday, July 11, 2014

East Coast Trail

Today we had plans to got to Ferryland and have a picnic.  Ferryland is a small town on the coast that has a  lighthouse and in the summer you can go there and purchase a picnic basket of food that they have made to eat on the grass by the lighthouse.  They provide a blanket to sit on as well.  I am told it is something that you have to do at least once.  Paul took the day off work and off we went.  When we got there we found out that you really should have reservations as they were booked full through July.  Fortunately I had packed a lunch for us to have, but we ended up not eating it there.  When we left the house it was sunny and hot, when we got to Ferryland it was cool and foggy.  The temperature had dropped 20 degrees and was chilly as we were not dressed for the cooler weather.  We were in shorts and t-shirts, but should have had on pants and a jacket.  After we left Ferryland and drove back up the coast the temperature warmed up and the fog disappeared.  We stopped at La Manche Provincial Park to hike on part of the East Coast Trail, eat lunch and to check out a suspension bridge.  While we were eating out lunch in a shady spot the kids noticed something swimming across the inlet so off they went to check it out.  Turns out it was 4 otters swimming over to a cave.  it was fun to see he otters in their natural habitat and how well camouflaged they are in the water.  On the walk back to the car Nathan found a tiny pond and a frog that he stalked until it was captured.  He originally wanted to keep the frog as a pet, but half way home decided to turn it loose so we stopped at a pond and let it go. 

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