Thursday, August 5, 2010

Out of Town

Our neighbors are out of town and we are "pool sitting" for them. I know it is a tough job,but someone has to do it!! There was one day that I cleaned out the traps and it was a lot stinky as the caterpillars had been in search of water fallen in the pool and drowned. Lots of dead caterpillars in the pool vacuum!! We have been over there almost every day for a few hours playing and just cooling off. Plus this helps them to be tired at bed time!! The kids have played nicely together making up games and just playing while I sit and play with Maddie or I just sit and watch as Nathan, Kayla, and Emily play together and Maddie plays with her cups and fills them up with water dumps them out, fills them up again, dumps them out... It has been nice to have family time, for Nathan to not be worried about running off to play with Jake and just having fun with his sisters. However he ends up playing their games more than they play his. That does not make him too happy, but he is a good sport about it all.

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