Saturday, August 21, 2010

Horses and Fish

What a day today was. We went to some friend's house (Mark and Melanie, that we know through Church) to fish for catfish and ride a horse. When we got there the kids were a bit timid of the GIANT Quarterhorse, Cimarron (The brown horse in the pictures. The grey horse is their tempramental Thoroughbred that only lets Mel ride him.). Well, I was holding Emily and I was able to get her to sit on the horse then as Mel walked the horse Emily sat and rode as I walked beside her. Then I dropped off and let Emily ride alone!! She loved it! Second it was Kayla on the horse, she rode and even let the horse jog while she bounced up and down. Nathan rode one time and claims he almost fell off, but I saw him doing great. He did not enjoy it as much as Kayla and Emily, but I am glad he tried it. Kayla and Emily rode him twice and Nathan just once. Maddie did not want anything to do with Cimarron. I would try to get her to just sit on him, but she would latch onto me tighter than a vice grip. She would not cry, but she did say , "No, No, No" in a sweet little voice with her brow furrowed. It was kind of cute. Then they fed the horses carrots, and played on the trampoline. We also went inside and saw her pet frog, and two box turtles. Nathan is hopeful that he will get one of the turtles, Pedro. They are still small, maybe a year old. The frog was weird it is in an aquarium and jut swims, she fed it a meal worm and it used it's front legs like hands to push the worm into its mouth. It was kind of strange. Finally it was time for fishing, this what Nathan was awaiting for. They have a little pond for the horses and in it there are catfish and perch. We did catch about 5 catfish ranging from 6 to 18 inches. We also caught about 8 perch. There are not many pictures of the fish as we were busy baiting lines and unhooking fish. It was HOT so the fishing came to an end and the kids played on the trampoline for a while before we left to go home. It was a long day outside and a good one. Everyone had a good time and enjoyed riding on Cimarron.

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