Thursday, August 19, 2010

First Day of School

Today was the first day back to school for Nathan and Kayla and the first day of school for Emily!! I walked in with Kayla and Nathan, and Nathan walked on to his class, never looking back just slowly walking to his classroom; complete opposite from last year!! He did tell me at dinner the night before that he was excited about school, but that he was only excited about the first day and would not like it the rest of the year. I guess he did not want me to get my hopes up!! After Nathan walked on to his class I (by I, I mean me, Emily and Maddie!!) walked Kayla into her class where she gripped onto my leg and would not turn loose. We walked to her hook where she hung up her backpack, and put her water and lunch on the shelf. Then the tears began, she cried and cried, we walked over to her table sat down in her chair, she kept crying and I explained how mommy could not stay and I would be back to pick her up later in the day. She cried and cried. I asked her to be a brave girl and I explained that I needed her to be brave. She was still crying, but wanted me to take pictures of her, I told her I would so we picked out a crayon (pink of course) and she pretended to color. She said in a sobby sad voice "I don't know what to color..." I said, Color a baby." To which she sobbed back to me, "I don't know how to color a baby." So I took a few pictures of her, but they are kind of sad. Maybe next Tuesday when I go in with Emily I will get a picture of her happy!! I asked her to be brave and I needed to take Emily to her classroom, she said OK and a hug and kiss later we left. She sat in her seat with friends around and tears in her eyes. Off to Emily's classroom, where she walked right in we found her cubby, hung up her bag, put her lunch away, and walked over to the table to color. She was was an experience I never knew a child of mine could do. Emily was nervous but there were no tears and she acted like it was all OK. I wanted to stay all morning and just savor the moment, but I knew if I did the moment would pass and she would eventually cry. So after a few pictures, Maddie and I left. We walked back to main building where Nathan and Kayla were and checked in on Kayla (by "checked in" we stood in the hall and looked in the room not to be seen). She was not crying anymore and was following the morning routine of prayers, pledge of allegiance and birthdays. We walked down the hall and looked in on Nathan, he was sitting in his desk and was paying attention. He looked a little nervous, but was very brave. At the end of the day they all had a good time, and survived. When I picked up Emily she was crying. Apparently they had music class last in the day and Ms. Jones was too much for little Emily!!!

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