Saturday, August 28, 2010

New pet....

The other day Paul was walking in the back yard and he came across this little turtle. Nathan and Paul decided that they should keep it and put it in Nathan's habitat. The next morning I was checking on it and I noticed that where Nathan had put half an inch of water this poor turtle was trying to swim under the water, it was too big!! Well after a little research about a red-eared slider turtle I discovered they are aquatic and need a lot more water than what it was given. I was on a hunt and I found a plastic storage container that was missing a lid put 3 inches of water in it and rocks for it to climb onto, as they need a dry place to go to, an put in the turtle. It immediately swam to the bottom and hid under the rocks. The kids gave it some sand and we noticed that it was acting as if it was trying to bury itself in the dirt. We have been feeding it tomatoes and lettuce, but may see it f they eat other things. I am not sure how long this turtle which is still nameless, will be our pet, but time will tell. For now it is fun watching the kids as they "play" with it and ant to feed it every day. The turtle will stay in the water most of the time unless it knows that there is no one around then it will get out and sun itself on the rocks.

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