Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Today Nathan had a birthday party at Build A Bear!! The kids had a great time,my wallet took a hit, and we now have 4 more stuffed animals that will get played with on an occasion, but will eventually find their way to the stuffed animal box where they will sit until I box them up to save or get rid of!! it was a neat place to go, I can doing it once, and now that we have I can say I am done! The kids picked out their animal that wanted to get stuffed. Nathan picked out an owl, Kayla a purple bear (that came with a necklace), Emily a rabbit, and Maddie a brown teddy bear. Then they get to pick out an outfit and shoes for their animal. They help to stuff them, put a heart in their animal and then they get them dressed. They all had fun and want to go back!!

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