Friday, February 5, 2010


So last night as I was putting the kids to bed Kayla started to complain of her left ear hurting so I gave her some Tylenol and put her back to bed. She eventually wandered downstairs where I put her to bed in my bed while I finished things up, she fell right to sleep. I put her in her own bed at 9:00 then she came back downstairs at 10:15 complaining of her ear hurting and she was in tears and just miserable. This went on until about 11:30 when she finally settled down and fell asleep in my bed, somewhere in the midst of this Emily wandered down and was in bed with us as well. At about 2:30 this morning I woke up to Kayla elbowing me in the back and kicking me. In my sleepiness I pushed her back trying to get more sleep, I eventually gave up and took Kayla and Emily back to their own beds. Emily stayed in her bed, however Kayla was right back in bed with me. My alarm went off at 6:00 this morning and after a few hits of the snooze button, I did NOT want to get out of bed, I drug myself out of bed!! Kayla was still sound asleep in bed as I got everything ready for the morning. I took Kayla to the doctor, against her wishes, and her doctor said that she has ear infections in both ears, ironically her right ear was worse than her left, the one that bothered her all night. We now have medicine to give her and hopefully tonight will be much better.

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