Tuesday, February 23, 2010


5 years old!! For Kayla's cake she asked for another princess cake, so it is the same cake as last year, just different colors. She asked for a Barbie and a Barbie house for her present and she was given Barbie things. Kayla was given 2 Barbie’s, a Kelly doll, Barbie clothes, Barbie shrinky-dinks, a pink jewelry box, a watch, and I made her a quilt. It was my first quilt ever. Kayla opened it and laid her head down on it and just said it is so soft. At bedtime she just wanted to use it for a pillow instead of a blanket. For dinner Kayla requested that I make fried rice and have root beer to drink, all of which was enjoyed by everyone!! Kayla took cupcakes to school to share with her class. And to top it all off, it snowed today, not very much, and did not even stick to the ground, but it did snow!!


  1. The quilt is beautiful. What an awesome gift!

  2. Is that Coke for supper? Happy Birthday, Kayla!