Sunday, August 23, 2009

They have arrived...

On Thursday we noticed a few hummingbirds flying around so Saturday morning I was able to clean the hummingbird feeders, put new food in them and hang them up. Since then we have seen about 4 (or if you ask Nathan 6-12) flying around and protecting their food source. They are very territorial. We have one bird that sits in the tree in front of the house and will dive-bomb any other bird that tries to eat from "it's" feeder. The kids also were quick to point out one that flew into the window and came to an untimely death. Hopefully that will be only one to die. Although I must admit it was kind of neat to a hummingbird up close. They are tiny!!
This was Kayla's "sad" face

1 comment:

  1. LOL @ The Sad Face...

    But, aww... poor hummer! :-(

    If it happens again, you might at putting some decorations or something on the glass, so they can see it better.