Thursday, August 13, 2009

Back to School

This morning Nathan and Kayla went back to school. It was fairly uneventful Kayla went in and played with her friends form last year. Nathan went in, but was NOT excited about going to school. We received a card in the mail last week from his teacher that said how she looked forward to seeing him in her class. Well, when i said her name he was not happy about it at all, I believe his exact words were, "I hate Mrs. Smith. She is mean." Well this was not a good sign!! There were a lot of talks about how we should give her a chance and not judge her before we get to know her, blah, blah, blah... (I am sure that is what Nathan heard). When I woke him up he was not interested in getting ready and fought with me about it and argued and yelled, which made me even more positive that he WAS going to school. We got to school and walked him to the classroom, not too much drama, then there was a little hesitation when I went to leave, but it worked out to be OK. I just hope he finds a way to like her sooner rather than later!!


  1. I'm sure it will work out ok in the end, with Nathan and his teacher.

    Kayla looks so cute and confident in that first picture of her.

  2. I like the green shirts for camouflaging stains! Hope Nathan ends up liking his teacher.