Saturday, August 29, 2009

Another Week

Well, things are getting easier, I think Nathan got out of the car in the car pool line every day of the week and I did not have to unload the girls to walk him into the school building all week. There was one time I was getting back into the car and Nathan ran form the sidewalk to the car trying to get back in, but one of the teachers saw and escorted him back to the sidewalk and into his classroom. We are getting better, but he is not excited about school in any way, shape or form. There have been bribes of skittles and a drink from Sonic (thank goodness for happy hour). Nathan's teacher suggested that I give him something to keep in his pocket that could help to remind him of me to help with the separation anxiety, so I gave him a coin from England that he could keep in his pocket and it would be as though I was with him all day. Well he lost it once, got it back, than lost it again on the playground and never got it back. I will try again next week with a different coin, but if it keeps getting lost, I may have to just find a sticker.

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