Friday, August 7, 2009


Why do we teach children to talk?? Sure it is a necessary thing in life and without it they would be lost, but really can they not just start when they leave the house?? I have joked about this, but this morning as my 4 year old continued to tell me"no" over and over again about EVERYTHING, I began to ponder this question. I looked at my 12 month old and thought she is still so innocent and sweet, why can't they all be like her? Sure I have no idea what she wants when she screams and cries, but she is easily distracted and will forget why she is crying. It is just so much nicer when they can't talk back and yell at me!! On another note school starts in 6 days!!! I think I am more excited than the kids are.

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  1. How's everything going, Karen? I bet you all are busy getting read for school to start! I hope you had a great summer!