Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Junk Food

Today Nathan had the neighborhood boys over to play after school. They were here for about an hour and came downstairs looking for a snack. I told them they could have a granola bar, cereal bar or an apple. Well, none of these seemed to appeal to any of them and I am pretty sure they were looking for something sweet. I have gotten rid of all junk food and am trying to get us back to the healthy eating we use to do while overseas. Needless to say the boys went back to playing and I could tell they were a little upset about no junk for a snack. Nathan did pull out some pecans to eat, but the two boys were not interested in them. In fact, they had no idea what they were. Why is it so easy to reach for the chocolate bar instead of an apple???


  1. Didn't know what pecans were? oh boy, we're in for it when Laura gets old enough to have friends over. Good for you!

  2. Which would you rather have?