Sunday, April 5, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt

Yesterday the neighborhood had an Easter egg hunt for the children in the neighborhood. The kids had a good time picking up eggs off of the ground and anxiously looking to see what kind of candy awaited them in each egg. It was fun and although, prior to the hunt, Kayla told us over and over again how she did not like Easter egg hunts and how boring they are, she had an enjoyable time. They had a ring toss, cake walk, area to color and ball throw (at which Nathan won three prize tickets which he shared with Kayla and Emily, they picked out a recorder~ the instrument, and two beany babies a wolf and a bear. After the hunt we spent time at the house and then went to a neighbors house for dinner and to let the kids play with some fiends. They have a trampoline and a huge sand box. Nathan and Kayla enjoyed playing on the trampoline while Emily enjoyed playing in the sand and by playing in the sand, I mean getting sand everywhere, in her hair, well everywhere!!
Getting Ready!!
If you can't hit the hole, just keep moving closer...

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