Thursday, October 30, 2008


About a month ago I saw a little thingy scurry across the back of the garage, it was too fast to be a toad and someone mentioned it could have been a lizard. I was hopeful that it was a lizard, but knew it was not. I was pretty sure it was a little mouse. A few days later Paul saw something on the ground in the garage not paying attention he assumed it was a toad. As he began to walk it scurried across the floor and disappeared. That afternoon he put down mouse poison and traps. A few days later the garage started to smell, I thought it was the trash so I moved it out of the garage to the front of the house, the smell remained. The next morning we assumed it was a dead mouse. I looked around the garage, but was never able to locate the mouse's body. Over the next week the smell would come and go. One morning after taking the kids to school I parked the van in the driveway instead of in the garage. While carrying the groceries into the house I saw it!! There where the van would normally be parked was a half decomposed mouse. It had melted into the floor and become one with the concrete. I know it had been there for a while due to the rust color stain on the ground around the mouse. I was so excited to have found the mouse I called Paul immediately. He was not as excited as I was since he spent most of the day at work and was in the house where the stink of dead mouse had wandered into the house. His advice on how to clan it up was to use a shovel, so I tried it, but the mouse just fell to pieces. So I improvised. After I covered my hand in 4, yes 4, plastic bags from the grocery store I scooped up that mushy little mouse and tossed it into the trash, fortunately it was trash day. I then poured half a gallon of bleach in the area where the mouse had been. I left the bleach there, thinking I would get to it when the girls took there nap. Well, by the time I got to it, the bleach had soaked into the concrete. Which was fine with me as the idea of scrubbing the area where the dead mouse's juices were was a little disgusting.
A few days ago I noticed that seeds that were on the mouse trap had been eaten by something, then yesterday half of the peanut butter was gone, well this morning I checked it one more time before going on a walk and what should my wandering eyes find, A DEAD MOUSE!!!!

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