Sunday, October 12, 2008

barretts and horses

Kayla has found a love of doing her own hair. She likes to put as many hair barretts/clips in her hair as possible. The other day she had 12 of them in there. I am surprised to say it, but she has gotten pretty good at it and her hair does not look too bad when she gets done. On Saturday Kayla had a birthday party to go to and they were going to ride horses. She was not happy about riding a horse and had no interest in doing so. She did not want to wear her jeans because she was NOT going to ride a horse!! When we got there she saw the others having fun riding the horses, so she decided to try it as long as I walked next to the her and the horse as well. As any good mother would do, I said yes and with my flip flops on I walked next to her, watching the dirt and hoping I would not step in anything that my foot was not meant to touch!! Once we finished she was excited and ready to do it again, well it was time for cake so off we went. After cake we went to ride the horses again, well she wanted me to walk with her and I said no, she could do it without me. So, I pushed her into the arena and off she went. She rode the horse and was so excited about it!!

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