Friday, November 9, 2007

What A Day!!!

Today, after dropping Nathan off at school, I took the girls to Gibraltar. I went to get some groceries and to look for some clothes for me. No luck in the clothes department I am going to do some shopping when we go back to Oklahoma when the clothes will be MUCH cheaper in price. As we were leaving Gibraltar the gate was closed and we had to wait for a plane to take off. It is pretty impressive to be so close to the plane as it speeds off down the runway. On the highway back to the house we ran into a road block set up by the Guardia Civil. For those of you that do not know what I am talking about it is very intimidating to come across one of these. As you approach, there are 4 SUV’s staggered in the road so that if you were to speed through the blockade you would have to swerve around each of these cars. There are two men standing in front of the blockade, one man waves people on or tells you to pull over where they will search your car VERY thoroughly. The other man is holding a machine gun with his hand on the trigger ready to shoot at anything. After you are waved through these two men and swerve in and out of the SUV’s you get to the final set of men. There is one man waiting with his machine gun, hand on trigger and about 50 yards past him there are two men and their SUV with a chain of spikes to throw on the ground to wound your car. Once you have made it past these last two men you are safe and home free. I assume they are looking for drugs being brought in from Morocco, but I truly have no idea of their purpose if anyone knows please inform me and satisfy my curiosity. I wanted to get a picture of the men with their machine guns and tire spikes, but was afraid they would shoot me, not really, but I was not about to tempt it!! Tonight Nathan’s school had a fireworks party to celebrate Guy Fawkes Day or Bonfire night (an English Holiday). It was good to get out and see some fireworks. There were tables set up selling anything from Mexican food, hotdogs and hamburgers, a “bar” selling beer, wine and drinks. There were also a table selling waffles with a cherry syrup and whipped cream or you could just get powdered sugar on top. The fireworks lasted about 10 minutes and Emily slept through them, Nathan and Kayla hid their faces in fear of the noise that goes along with the fireworks. It was fun and a good excuse to keep the kids up a little later than normal.

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