Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween Party!!

The Halloween party was a good time. Nathan had a blast playing with is friend Oliver. Oliver is in Nathan's class and Oliver's sister, Lucy, is in the same nursery as Kayla. Kayla enjoyed playing with another child’s toys than she enjoyed playing with the other children. She is still pretty shy when it comes to strangers, but she had a good time. The Dampf's have a play house in their garden and Kayla had a good time playing on that. She was hesitant to go on it with other children on it, but after a while she came around and was fine with playing on it while others were on it as well. Emily was great with all of the kids around, she was right in the middle of them. She kept trying to climb up the play house. All of the kids enjoyed bouncing on the bouncy castle, even Emily. The weather was a bit cool and by the end of the evening Kayla and Emily had changed from their costumes back into their normal clothes, strictly to be warmer and more comfortable!! It was a lot of fun and I think the kids had a lot of fun, they all slept well anyway!!

Nathan and Oliver

Kayla and Lucy (Oliver's sister) get ready for the egg race
Daddy teaches Kayla how to ride a motorcycle!!
Bouncing on the Castle!!

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