Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Fishing and Ping-Pong

Yesterday was a girl’s day out for my mom, sisters Susan, Mikko and Emily and myself. We went to a spa in Edmond. Emily had her hair cut, while Mikko, Susan, and Mom had a pedicure. I had both a hair cut and a pedicure. It was fun and I was able to spend some with my mom to just chat, it was nice. While I was having a girl’s day out Paul was with his parents and the kids at the park doing some fishing. They caught some bass, and perch. The bass were brought home and filleted to be eaten later. Nathan really enjoyed fishing with his Grandpa. He is at an age were he enjoys spending time with the grandparents more and more. Grandma walked with Kayla to the playground while Grandpa and Nathan did some more fishing, Kayla just could not sit still long enough, too many things that she would rather be doing. For dinner we went to Chelinos for our Tex-Mex fix while in Oklahoma and it was GOOOOD! We ate far too much and walked (barely) out of the restaurant in pain. When we got back to Grandpa Hellen’s house and the kids finally settled into their beds we played a game or two of UNO and then it was late and everyone was ready to go to bed.

Mmmm Breakfast!!

Gone Fishing... Look at this Catch!! Wheee!!
Today was a lazy day at Grandpa Hellen’s house. When we woke up the temperature had dropped into the low 40’s and we were freezing!! This did not stop us from going across the street to look for pecans that had fallen from the pecan tree. Nathan was great at this and found A LOT. We came into the house to warm up and then Grandma Hellen came over to play. We played with the toys and a bit of ping-pong. Nathan tried his hardest to hit the ball, but just could not get his hand-eye coordination to hit the ball. There were a few lucky hits, but for the most part it was a lot of swings and misses. Nathan and Kayla enjoyed a treat of root beer float from Grandpa, unfortunately Nathan had a hard time keeping it down. At bedtime Grandpa read the story of Davey Crocket to Nathan as this has become Nathan’s favorite book to have Grandpa read to him, I think it is because he gets to wear the Davey Crocket coon skin hat!! Once the little ones were tucked into their beds Paul and Grandpa fired up the popcorn machine and enjoyed a bowl of popcorn as we played more ping-pong.

Gathering Pecans

Davey Crocket

Watching Ping-Pong

Root Beer Floats

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