Sunday, August 26, 2007


Well, to start with, Friday night was a Company sponsored "team building" dinner at one of the churinguitos (beach bar) in Sotogrande. The Grundmeier's were very gracious and watched the kids so we could go. At the dinner there were all kinds of goooood sea food. It started at 8pm and we arrived home at 1am. Upon arrival to the dinner we were greeted with drink and appetizers, skewers of vegetables, cheese, scallops, lobster, and shrimp. Then at about 8:30 we sat down for the "dinner" which was about 6 different platters of food, served tapas style. They would bring out two different dishes at a time, to be shared with about 4 people then every 15 minutes bring out another two. It was so good and so filling. As is typical at the churinguitos around, they had a boat full of sand and then an open camp fire which they cook whole fish on spits. It was a nice night to get out with out the kids and just relax and have a good time. Then on Sat, we went with the Grundmeier's to the La Linea market. First we had cafe con leche (coffee with milk) and churros (fried bread similar to a funnel cake or donut) at a side walk cafe. We then went to the market in search of food for dinner. We landed on sword fish steaks, prawns and a variety of sausages. We cooked it all on the grill, with a veggie mix. Paul found these fun breads in the shape of alligators and turtles. Then it was coffee, dessert (sampling of items we got from the market) and a game of Sheep's Head.

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