Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Kids, Kids, Kids

Children are so FUNNY, Nathan’s current favorite game to play is to pretend he is a fireman. He puts on his O-State hat and grabs his broken plastic golf club (the fire hose) and runs around putting out fires. Yesterday he had a plastic sandwich bag, which he tore apart and taped some to his forearms and shins (the armor.) He was then magically transformed into a knight!! Which the ever universal plastic golf club, broken, was used for a sword and the O-State hat was again used. Nathan is a great Big brother he is always ready to help out with Emily and loves to play with Kayla sometimes much to Kayla’s disapproval.

Sir Knight Nathan

Kayla is growing into a little girl, the potty training is going slowly, but going, part of the problem is that I am not very consistent in training her. She loves here baby dolls and stroller. She two little bags (purses) that she likes to put bits and bobs into and carry them around with her. Today at church she borrowed Emily’s chew blanket to wrap her purple baby up so she would not get cold. Then she held the baby like a real baby and just cuddled her, SO cute!! She has also reached the stage of throwing temper tantrums until she gets what she wants or until she realizes that no one is paying any attention to her. What happened to my sweet little baby K…..

Do you like my Party Hat?? Now on to my sweet little Emily Clair, well she is sweet most of the time. She has 3 teeth, and is working on more. She LOVES to hold one hand (finger) and walk all over the house. She has been seen on an occasion to stand by herself for a couple of seconds holding onto nothing. Emily enjoys getting into anything she is not suppose to and has been eating VERY soft people food for about 1 month now. She will eat baby food but would rather a nice bite of real food. I have noticed her when she gets mad she will try to bite something, anything, very similar to the way her brother use to respond at her age. She likes to lick the floor as if it is an ice cream cone maybe it is the coldness of the tiles the is nice on her gums. What ever the case, there are some clean spots on our floors. Emily can say da-da, not necessarily to Paul, but definitely makes the sounds. In fact right she is doing chin-ups on the computer table!! I am sure I could go on with more of her little quirks, however, it is time to take the little people to the pool!! Until next time, Adios!!

Look, 3 teeth!!

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  1. Ack! The kids are so cute! Way to keep us all smiling.