Friday, August 24, 2007

Time to mop!!

Emily gave me a reminder today that the garage floor was desperately in need of a good cleaning (note the dirty legs)!! I did mop it; I know how silly that may sound especially after all the grief I gave to Paul when we bought our first house. A little history... We were moving in and I went into the garage to see what was taking him so long, what do I see but Paul MOPPING the floor. The craziest thing I ever did see, well, I have been humbled and am admitting to mopping the garage floor. I only mopped it because our clothes dryer is down there and I am tired of the kids, and myself having dirty feet every time we go down there. If the clothes dryer was not down there, there is no way I would have mopped. I would have swept, but not mopped, no way.

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