Sunday, August 26, 2007

Castellar, Spain

I am going to try to share our experiences here in Spain by sharing some of the place that we have been to in Spain, so for place number 1 is Castellar. Castellar is a town about 20 minutes into the hills from here. It is a pretty dive with a lot of cork trees, orange orchards, and countryside. Castellar is basically two villages the old and the new. The new village is at the foot of the hill. We have been here once for their feria (festival). After Easter all of the villages, towns, and cities have their own festival with parades and games. The women get dressed in their Flamenco dress and everyone in town shows up for a good time. It is like the state fair only on a MUCH smaller scale.

Fair Food~ octupus tentacles (on the grill) and baby shrimp with the shell and head

The old village is located within the walls of the 13th century castle, which is currently occupied by "squatting hippies". The road to the castle is very narrow and winding. The castle is situated at the top of a hill and on a clear day you are able to see Gibraltar and other beautiful views of the Spanish countryside. We have been to the castle 4 times and enjoy the views and walking around in the castle walls.

Gibraltar in the distance

walking around in the castle walls

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