Friday, August 21, 2015

Gros Morne~ Day 5

Time for a real hike!  We hiked up over 1,000 vertical feet (there were some pretty steep sections) and we were huffing and puffing some of the way, but the kids did really well and did not complain.  Well, except when Reagan would let us know ‘I am tired”, every 50 feet on the way up.  It was a workout, but once we got to the top it was a beautiful panoramic view of Bonne Bay and The Tablelands and the wild blueberries were ready to be picked so we had a snack of granola bars and wild blueberries.  Coming down was a lot easier and we saw some moose tracks, no moose, just tracks.  After lunch we asked the kids what they wanted to do since they were so good about going on the hike with us and they wanted to go back to the “sea glass beach”.  We played there for a few hours then went home for dinner after which the kids went down to the beach by the house to play in the water.  The girls enjoy playing in the water while Nathan scouts the water for crabs, which he usually finds a few, tonight he found a lobster as well.  It was a little one so we released it back into the water.

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