Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Gros Morne~ Day 2

         This morning was an early start with an hour drive to Western Brook Pond where we took the boat tour of the lake.  It is a landlocked fjord, but since it is all fresh water they cannot call it a proper fjord so by default all freshwater bodies of water in Newfoundland are referred to as ‘ponds’ regardless of size.  The exposed rock, carved by glaciers, were 1,250 million years old.  To get to the boat tour you park by the main road and have to walk about 45 minutes in to where the boat is.  The land all around the pond is a bog.  While on the boat we saw a black bear FAR off in the distance.  It was a pretty place and well preserved.  To get the boats into the pond they had to pull one in over the frozen land in the winter, so as to not disrupt the plant life that grows in the bog, another was airlifted in and 2 others were built there in a boat shed.   

Black Bear

        After a bite to eat at the café there we hiked back to the car and went to Shallow beach.  It is a beach, with white sand and a lot of jellyfish.  We were amazed at how many jellyfish there were on the shoreline.  Not sure if during low tide they get beached then high tide pulls them back out again, but there were a lot of them.  The water was cold, so there was not a lot of swimming in the ocean.  They all got in, but did not last very long.  It took Paul a long time to get warmed up after his swim. 


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