Thursday, August 20, 2015

Gros Morne~ Day 4

We had read about Lobster Cove lighthouse, where at low tide there are some tidal pools you can access and look for sea life in.  That was today’s mission.  We got there at low tide, about 9:00 am, and the kids had a great time jumping from tide pool to tide pool and collecting starfish, crabs, and sea urchins.  There were also sea snails, millions of them, and barnacles.  The kids were on the hunt for starfish and crabs mainly.  They would go find them and bring them back to a tide pool and make a colony of starfish.  At 11:00 there was a guide that spoke of the history of the lighthouse and the area, which was interesting.  After the tour, the kids wanted to go back to the tide pools where they continued to hunt.  On the walk down to the tide pools the kids saw a “wild” mouse, which they were excited about.  At the tide pools Nathan would find the crabs while Kayla and Emily babysat them, they ended up with 15 total.   Madeline and Reagan and Luke had fun on the shoreline playing with the rocks and building inuksuk’s.  It was time for lunch so we headed into Rocky Harbor for lunch.  Then it was off to the Wildlife Museum where the kids did a scavenger hunt.  The displays were very well put together and well maintained.  At the museum they had carvings out of moose antlers and seal skins.  The kids had fun checking it all out. 

        I forgot to mention on the drive to the lighthouse we saw a moose on the side of the road, just standing there watching the cars drive by.  No picture, we had a car behind us, otherwise we would have stopped to snap a shot of it.


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