Tuesday, July 29, 2014

It's a BOY!!!

Luke Thomas Hellen was born Tuesday, July 29, 2014 at 7:14 am!!  We are in love!!  Luke is a sweet little baby and everyone loves him LOTS.  It all started at about 3:30 in the morning when Reagan woke me up to get into our bed.  I felt a contraction or two but thought nothing of them as I have been having a LOT of Braxton hicks with this baby.  I could not get comfortable so I came downstairs and realized the contractions were pretty consistent so at around 4:30 I started timing them.  They went from 10 minutes apart to 3 minutes apart within 2 hours and it was time to go.  We called a friend from church to watch the kids and we left before she got here.  We got to the labor and delivery room at 7:10 and Luke was born at 7:14.  I think it was the fastest delivery EVER!  I know Paul was happy to have made it.  Nathan called to check on me and the baby a few hours later and Paul told him we were both fine and Paul would be home in a little bit, but would not tell him if Luke was a boy or girl.  When the kids got to the hospital they still had no idea if Luke was a girl or boy so when they saw him the nurse had put him in a white gown and a blanket (the blankets the hospital uses are blue on one side and pink on the other, but over time the pink side or blue side will fade) that was white on one side and pink on the other so the kids asked, "Is it a girl?" in a very unsure voice.  I told them no, it is a boy, Luke.  They were very excited and happy, Nathan kept saying how happy he is to have a brother.   

My Men

The Pediatrician was so nice and let the kids listen to Luke's heartbeat.


  1. Love these! It looks like he has big hands!

  2. Luke is precious! You have such a beautiful family. I enjoyed seeing all your smiling faces.