Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Signal Hill and the GEO Center

Signal Hill~
     This morning we drove up to signal hill, which is about half a mile from our house.  It was cold and windy!  Signal Hill overlooks the city of St john's and overlooks the mouth of the inlet to St John's from the Atlantic Ocean.  It is a pretty view and would be MUCH more enjoyable when the weather is better.  Later in the afternoon Paul took Nathan, Kayla and Emily back up there to hike around.  They had a lot of fun and came back in one piece.  There are no rails to keep you from falling into the water and I am told Emily was almost blown over the edge.  SO glad I was not there!



Johnson GEO Center~
   The GEO Center is just down the road from Signal Hill.  The Johnson GEO Centre has a special focus on the geology of Newfoundland and Labrador.  The main display area is built under the ground and there is a wall that is the actual exposed rock from signal hill.  There are exhibits on geoscience, oil & gas exploration, natural resources, space exploration and the Titanic. The center also features a 3D movie theater that showed features on the Monarch butterfly,  the life of a baby whale and one on space (which the kids did not want to see).  The monarch butterfly was the best one and was really interesting to watch.  It explained to life cycle and how they migrate from Canada to Mexico.  Unfortunately the Titanic exhibit was closed, but we were given passes to come when the exhibit is reopened.



 It was a good day.   Nice to take a break from all the work that needs to be done and just have some fun.

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