Saturday, January 4, 2014


    Last night, Friday the 3rd, a blizzard came through that delivered around a foot of snow and HIGH winds.  The kids have had a good time in the snow today and were about blown over from the winds.  The power was out from 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM, that was fun!  It got a little chilly in here, but once the heat came back on, we warmed up and slept well.  There was a lot of making rubber band bracelets, cards, Pictionary, dice and just playing.  Before the lights came on and it was DARK in here the kids made up a game, Elfy!, think elf on the shelf.  Paul had a flashlight and when it was off it was "nighttime" and the kids would find a place to hide, then in the "morning", when Paul turned on the flashlight, he would looked around trying to find the elves.  The kids did a good job coming up with clever places and positions to be in when the light came on.  I think Paul's commentary when looking for and finding the elves was the funniest part.  They did this over and over, I took a nap on the sofa! 

    Everyone we talk to, locals, keep telling us this is very abnormal to have this much snow this early, all I know is that it is great to give the kids something to do and since we are from Houston and do not see snow hardly ever this is great, as long as the roads are kept clear.  2 more months of this!!  We wanted a change and we are getting it!

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