Wednesday, January 8, 2014

First Week

    We have been here in St. John's for a week now and the kids seem to be doing well. They have LOVED playing in the snow.   They built a mini snow man, a tunnel in the snow, have thrown a lot of snow balls, king of the hill on a pile of snow in the back yard, been stuck in the car as Paul and I drive around looking at houses and getting settled in.  St John's is a lot like a town/small city in the USA.  There are a lot of the same restaurants and stores, there are some different ones as well, but all in all very similar.

     We are staying in a 3 story townhouse/row house.  The bottom floor has a half bath, garage, coat closet, washer and dryer and a bedroom.  The second level is the kitchen living space and the 3rd floor has two bedrooms and two bathrooms.  The kids are on the top floor with Kayla, Madeline, and Reagan in one bed and Nathan in the other bed and Emily on the floor in the room with Nathan, she did not want to sleep in the bed with Nathan.  It seems to be working out for the most part, I am ready to find a house and start to feel settled somewhere.  We have looked at about 10 houses and have 2-3 to look at again, but we are trying to find the perfect house and may have to settle for the semi-perfect house.  I know we will find it, just a little more difficult with 5 kids to plan for...

    We have bought a mini van that is 7 years old and in good condition, we picked it up yesterday and after driving the rental car that is new and then going to the 7 year old, there is a difference and I am having second thoughts, it is for only 4 years and not forever.  When we move back to Houston I am getting a good one!  Now we will need to find Paul a car, but he can drive a rental until we find one.  The good news is we have gotten a lot done.

    The kids were suppose to go back to school on Monday the 6th, but with the storms and power outages the city has cancelled school until Thursday the 9th.  As a way to conserve energy so that the city will not black out again.  I am VERY excited about them getting back to school tomorrow, but will miss having a playmate for Reagan.  That is about all from this part of the world.  I hope everyone is happy I am back to at the blog, and is enjoying reading it.  I am going to try to keep at it, but no promises!
Snowman with a fence made of ice sickles


  1. Mmmm... looking at all of that snow makes me think you should put an extra $3k aside for your Emergency Winter Fund... aka A HOT TUB!! Telling you, a lifesaver when winter lasts that long. Start shopping now... bet you can find some good after Christmas deals. :) Stay warm and so glad you are all safe and adjusting. Love you!!

  2. Love the blog! Will enjoy keeping ups with you guys. Sounds like all is working out...hope you find a house soon. Love you.

  3. We're definitely happy to see you blogging again! I'm so glad the kids are enjoying the snow and cold weather and I hope everyone was all smiles with their new teachers and classmates! Praying for you all as you get settled in.