Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Air Conditioner~
      The day that the repairman was here he fixed the air conditioner in 10 minutes.  It was a part he had on the truck and fixed it quickly.  The best part was there was NO charge.  The part was under warranty, but we thought for sure we would have to pay the service call fee, but no it was waived or as the man said, "Davis and David Weekly are going to take care of this bill for you".  I was so excited I think I thanked him and shut the door, maybe in his face!  Sorry!!  The girls were upset that this meant we would not be going to Mrs. G's house to sleep that night.  Emily even wanted to know if she, with Kayla and Madeline could still spend the night.  It was so nice to sleep in an air conditioned house.  We are so spoiled. 

    The last few weeks that we had Bella here at the house she was slowing down, would roll in her ball for about 5 minutes than just sit there.  She did not eat very much and was just not the same gerbil we brought home in May.  I warned Ms. Ross that Bella may be coming close to the end of her time.  Well, this morning when dropping the kids off I saw the assistant teacher and she informed me that Bella had died.  The kids handled it well and asked where Ms Ross buried her.  I did not have the heart to say " In the trash", so I just said "I don't know where they buried her" and that was the end of the conversation.  I have to say a gerbil was a pretty easy pet. 

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