Wednesday, August 17, 2011


This summer we have had the kindergarten's pet gerbil, Bella. Originally there were suppose to be 2 but on the last day of school when we were to be bringing them home the other one, Shadow, died. Bella is a good gerbil, I am not sure how one could be bad, she (I call her a she, but in truth am not sure if it is a boy or a girl) will bury her food and enjoys being put in the ball where she runs all over the place. It is pretty amazing the way she is able to control the ball and is pretty good about not running into anything. Her lid to the ball comes off regularly so we have to be careful and watch that Sally does not get a hold of her. Sally does enjoy "playing" with her when she is in the ball. Sally hides behind one of the columns and will pounce out at the ball, funny to watch. A friend of ours told us they use to put toilet paper rolls, empty, in the cage for their gerbils to chew on and run through. the kids thought this was great idea and the next day in went one. Bella had a great time shredding it with her teeth and just adding to her bedding. I expect that the toilet paper will last longer once Bella is returned to Mrs. Ross. It has been fun and now a pet gerbil has been added to list of possible pets...

Notice in the picture the lid came off and Bella is trapped under the ball.  (no I did not stage this!)

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