Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Last week the kids were in Oklahoma City for a vacation without the parents. The 4 older ones went to spend some time their grandparents and Mommy went on vacation. because when you go from 5 kids to just a 7 month old it IS a vacation!! I sewed 2 quilts, went to Old Town Spring with a friend, did some shopping and cleaning and just enjoyed some time without fighting and the constant cry of "mom". The kids had a great time and I am sure will be ready to do it again next year!! While the kids were in Oklahoma they saw there cousins on the Hellen side, they had not seen them in a year and half. Christmas 2009. They also saw all but 2 of the Cook cousins. Nathan always looks forward to seeing my brother's family. They have older boys that Nathan looks up to and a boy a year younger that he plays a LOT with!! They have two girls that my girls really enjoy playing with as well, Claire is Emily's age and they are twins separated. It is fun to watch the kids playing with their cousins! While the kids were away I twisted my Left ankle pretty bad. Let me just say thank goodness for child birth classes. I used my breathing and made it through the pain!!! I could barely walk on it Thursday night and by Friday MUCH better, but I went to the doctor anyway where I had an x-ray and received the results on Tuesday. It was normal. Even now, one week later it is still a little tender and I favor it when I go down the stairs. Some pictures with their cousins...

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