Thursday, July 7, 2011


This post is a little late, but here it is none the less. The day was April 12, 2011, a Tuesday. The kids had been home from school for a few hours and I was sitting at the computer to respond to emails, check blogs, who knows what. Emily comes in from the back yard yelling at me and very excited/nervous "Mom you have to come see this big thing" (now imagine her eyes wide and talking with her hands). I get up thinking OK what is it another bug, frog, unknown insect? We walk to the back yard and get half way to the play fort when she stops and points at the fort saying, "It's over there." So I cautiously walk to the fort and look around the corner at the bottom (the bottom is closed off and you can only see under it when you turn the corner) and there it is, the "big thing". There lying on the ground looking rather sickly a bigger than average possum. I get a little nervous because, well have you ever seen a possum? I send the kids in the house and call the neighbor and ask what do I do she comes over and is as clueless as me. I wait until Paul comes home and he disposes of it. All I will say is there was a pitch fork involved and little to no mess. The possum never had a chance poor little creature. Ever since this Emily has been scared of almost everything. Now she thinks there are things under the beds at bedtime, she was afraid to go into rooms without someone with her (she is getting over this one) just much more scared of the unknown. Life in the wild suburbs...

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