Sunday, November 29, 2009


Yesterday we had 2 of our 19 pine trees cut down. They had been invaded by pine bark beetles and were left for dead. We are hoping that they will be the only casualties, but there is at least one more that is questionable. First they would get the ropes in place, then they would start cutting the tree in sections, cut one section, kick it off the base, cut another section, until it was "small" enough to lay in the yard and cut to pieces and haul away. There is a big open space where the trees use to be and we are planning the next new tree to be planted. Paul has his eye on a garden that he wants to put in next spring as well. So many options are opening up!!

Ropes in Place
Let the cutting begin Going...
We came and Conquered
In the above picture of Nathan and Kayla they were suppose to be doing the strong man pose (see Kayla) however Nathan was being a tiger or bear??

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