Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mouse in the House!!

Before we left to go to OKC for my sisters wedding we found a mouse in the house. Well, Sally (the cat) found a mouse in the house. I was upstairs with Nathan and Sally was trying to get something from behind the dry erase board, so Nathan moved and there was little mouse. The chase was on. Nathan and I armed with our toy tin coffee cups chased the mouse form one side of the book case to the other, then under the toy boxes, to the sofa then to the game closet, where after moving a few toys, I found it. It was captured and the kids enjoy watching it run from side to side in the jar. I believe that Sally brought the mouse in from the garage to the house. With the cooler weather the mice are seeking shelter in the garages at night and Sally's food is in the garage so she goes out there at night and "plays". I have been either locking her in the garage or in the house at night. I do not want to wake up to another mouse in the house, this was the 3rd one, 2 alive and one dead!!

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  1. ugh, we have one in our garage too. well, I hope only one, but I bet more.