Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Halloween was a fun night!! We were visited by Darth Vader, a Princess, a Cat and a Witch. The witch had to go to bed early so she missed out on the trick-or-treating but she had her fill of candy the next day. The kids went around the neighborhood and collected more candy than they needed, but had a good time. There were 2 houses that went all out with decorations in the front yard, the kids were too scared to go and get candy. Upon arrival back in the cul-da-sac the kids ran around with the neighborhood kids and played tag while the adults sat around the fire pit, handed out candy and talked. When I say we handed out candy, I mean that there was a table that had 4 bowls of candy for trick-or-treaters to help themselves to. We stayed up until 11:30 talking, it was a good night of just getting to know our neighbors.

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