Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Gymnastics, Take 2

Well, last week when Kayla saw the picture of Emily in her leotard and heard that she had fun at gymnastics, she wanted to try it as well. I still think she would enjoy dance more, but since she was willing to try gymnastics, we gave it a try it. She had her first "trial" today. She had a great time. I was happy to see her out there and trying to do all of the moves. They practice landing and putting their arms in the air and when Kayla would jump off the mat and "land" she would always look at her coach to see if she was watching Kayla if she did it right. It was kind of cute. She had a good time and I am glad to have her doing something that she enjoys.
This morning after Emily's class we were able to go on the floor and take pictures while the kids showed off their skills. It was fun and Maddie enjoyed bouncing on the trampoline.

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  1. Annie is going to be jealous! She wants to do gymnastics again, but I told her after Christmas, because I just signed her up for soccer.