Monday, October 19, 2009

camping with the scouts

This weekend we went camping with the cub scouts, it was a good time. Nathan was kept busy with soccer, ultimate Frisbee football, and a hike. Plus there were a lot of his friends from school there so he enjoyed having friends to play with. Paul, the girls, and I kept busy coloring, we went on a short walk, and socializing. It was a good time, but I think the next time I may just let Paul go with Nathan. There was not a lot for the girls to do and Maddie and Emily were a little under the weather which did not help. Maddie has been fighting a cold, which means that she was FULL of snot. Emily had a slight case of the flu temperatures around 101 and just not too energetic and on Saturday evening Kayla was a little sluggish and had a temperature of 101 as well. The weather for camping was great the temperature in the day was around 74 and at night it dipped down the the 50's, cold enough to cuddle up in the sleeping bag and sleep.

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