Monday, July 27, 2009

The Party Continues...

We celebrated Maddie's birthday on Thursday with Paul's parents and as is true with all of our kids she was too tired to partake in the festivities. She did however have a cupcake on her birthday and enjoyed it very much. I gave her, her cake on Friday afternoon and she was wide awake to eat it then. She was unsure about the texture of the frosting, but had no hesitation to bite at it without touching it. Eventually, with some help a piece was broken off and she held it and ate the cake. She had a good time and her high chair is now the cleanest hat it has been since she has started to use it. Thank You to everyone who sent cards and gifts. She was given a baby doll from her godparents and almost in pure instinct she hugged it and gave it kisses. It has since been adopted by Kayla, but it is still being cared for.
Thursday's Festivities~
Friday Cake~

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