Thursday, July 23, 2009

4 more weeks

I am just now realizing that Nathan and Kayla go back to school in 4 weeks. August 13 is the start date, and I have done nothing this summer. I had all these plans, go to the pool once a week, go to the library once a week, take them for ice cream, etc... I have done none of that. This week we have company, so I am hope full that in the last three weeks, we will make it to the library at least once and to the pool at least twice and we will go to get ice cream as well. Where does the time go.

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  1. We should've gone for ice cream with you when we were visiting! Sorry we missed Maddie's birthday... still haven't hung the calendar. But when I was mailing cards to Brian and Mikko, I looked for that card I bought to send and I couldn't find it. Must have left it somewhere along the way. So Happy belated birthday to Maddie! Great cake! Also forgot to buy anniversary cards - so Happy Anniversary early!

    Sorry to hear about the caterpillars. We had great luck with them - maybe it was too hot in Houston. Try contacting the company and seeing if they'll send you some more.